Quadriplegic Goes Indoor Skydiving

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Whitney Bailey
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Christopher Soleto
Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Have you ever wanted to try indoor skydiving but were not sure of the logistics? Christopher Sotelo, a C6 quadriplegic, shares a video of his skydiving experience to show others how it’s done.

Christopher’s wheelchair sits at the entrance of the wind tunnel. He is carried into the tunnel by one instructor. Then they are joined by a second instructor. With one person on each side of Christopher, they both hold under each of his arms and legs. The fierce wind takes all three of them up higher in the tunnel.

Once the instructors are back on the ground, one grabs Christopher by the torso to get him out of the wind. While the other instructor leaves the tunnel to help situate Christopher’s wheelchair. With one instructor behind the wheelchair, and the other inside the tunnel holding Christopher, the pair safely sits him back in his wheelchair.

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