Quadriplegic Exercises Focusing on Hip/Back Control

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Whitney Bailey
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Carissa Louise
Whitney Bailey

Carissa Louise shares a video of her workout routine that helps strengthen her hip and back control as a C6/C7 quadriplegic.

Focusing on Hip Control

Carissa in crawling position with large pillow behind her

Carissa starts out this exercise by lying flat on her stomach with a large pillow across her knees. She then bares weight through her arms and slowly scoots into a crawling position with her arms extended. Once in a sturdy position, Carissa starts to shift her weight from side to side and attempts each time to bring her center of gravity back over her hips.

Focusing on Back Control

Carissa flexing her back in crawling position

For this exercise, Carissa switches out the large pillow that sits over her knees for a thinner square mat. She gets into crawling position with her knees bent and arms extended. In this position, Carissa thrust her torso up and down focusing on her back muscles, putting more weight through her shoulders and arms.

Check out Carissa’s video!

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