Quadriplegic Demonstrates How To Do Push-up

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Adapt To Perform
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Whitney Bailey

Ben Clark, a C5/C6 quadriplegic, shares videos on his YouTube channel (Adapt To Perform) to educate and motivate fellow people with disabilities.

In this video, Ben demonstrates a different technique on how to do a push-up as a wheelchair user.

Ben uses a couch to demonstrate the technique. To start off with Ben transfers onto the couch. He then positions himself where he is laying on his stomach with his body tilted so he can have his upper body off the couch, but still have his knees supported. Ben puts his hands on the ground and then slowly goes toward the ground and then extends his arms pushing his body up.

Ben advises positioning your elbows back behind you rather than out to the side. This positioning makes it easier on your shoulders and makes the exercise a little easier to accomplish.

Ben makes these push-ups look easy! Share this post with someone who likes to work out.

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