Quadriplegic Creates Accessible Trail Guidebook in Boulder, Colorado

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Whitney Bailey
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Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Topher Brown, a quadriplegic, loves to explore the many trails Boulder, Colorado has to offer. He has created a guidebook for the trails specifically designed for people with disabilities.

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"I love the connection and the solitude you get sometimes. One of my favorite things is just a stream going by. That trickle, it just calms me."

Topher started as a volunteer for Boulder Open Spaces and Mountain Parks which eventually led him to full-time employment

"People are told they can’t do something, and really if you figure out a way, you can do anything.”

Topher’s guide highlights 30 trails in Boulder. Online, Topher shares videos showing the lay of the land. The guide shares different tips pointing out difficult spots and which areas are best for shade. Topher says the park is even putting in more benches to accommodate the elderly.

The park is also offering tours for people with memory loss to check out different texture, flavors, and smells in nature.

Topher states,“We're all human and we all have disabilities, and they’re not all obvious, but we all have something we’re not good at, something we need help with.”

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