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In December 2016, outdoor adventurer Joe Stone achieved a dream he thought he’d never be able to accomplish: base jumping. Throughout the years, Joe has been equipping himself with the skills needed for base jumping. He has ventured into various forms of extreme sports, such as skydiving, paragliding, and speed flying.

quadriplegic man gets ready to base jump

Then, in 2010, Joe met with an accident while speed flying that left him a C7 quadriplegic.

'Giving up on my dream of base jumping was way harder than accepting that I was now a wheelchair user for life.'

Since his accident, Joe has been sharing his outlook and rediscovery of life through public speaking.

“My talks always have an emphasis on inclusion, ability awareness, goal setting and the possibilities that lie within us all.”

Joe has also remained an active participant in extreme sports. “A few days before the base jump I was driving down to Draper, Utah to paraglide,” he shares. That was when Joe was invited by his friend to base jump.

“Of course I said yes,” Joe says.

quadriplegic man base jumps

To achieve his dream, Joe partnered with Project Airtime, a charity dedicated to taking anyone flying regardless of ability. After being lifted onto a platform with the help of Project Airtime volunteers, Joe launched himself off the side of a bridge and parachuted down to the river below.

The flight lasted for a quick 30 seconds, but it was a memory that Joe would long remember.

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