Quadriplegic Artist: Drawing

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Whitney Bailey
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Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Artwork can often be thought of as an outlet for one’s soul. Kelcee Yazzie always has a smile on her face when she is drawing. Kelcee is a quadriplegic with limited hand function. She began to draw after her car accident.

"I bring joy to people with my drawings and that's what keeps me going."

Picture of Kelcee Drawing

Kelcee draws laying flat on her stomach holding the pencil with her palms pressed together.

Not long after her accident, a nurse introduced Kelcee to the works of Frida Kahlo. Kelcee began drawing with a pencil between her wrists. She created wonderful pieces of art.

Kelcee usually draws in shades of gray. However, Kelcee chose to draw one portrait in color. The portrait is of Christopher Reeve, physicist Stephen Hawking, and herself. She says, "We all ended up in wheelchairs but really, I will forever see us as still standing.”

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