Quadriplegic Arm Exercise

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Adapt To Perform
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Whitney Bailey

Ben Clark, a C5/C6 quadriplegic, shares videos on his YouTube channel (Adapt To Perform) to educate and motivate fellow people with disabilities.

Ben is also a personal trainer. Therefore, he shares a lot of fitness and healthy living videos. In the video above, Ben shares an arm exercise that can be done by someone who may not have the balance or core strength to support themselves while working out their arms. 

Ben adapts a chest workout by pulling his wheelchair up parallel with his kitchen counter. The counter is at his chest level. Ben then props his elbow up on the counter and extends his arm. He holds on to a wrist weight and pushes the weight backward and forward across the counter. This motion engages his chest muscles as well as other muscles. 

Ben advises to try and lift your elbow up, or put a towel under your elbow if your skin starts to become an issue. 

The workout can be adapted to benefit your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, you can add more weight under your arm and/or do the exercise as fast or slow as needed.

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