Paraplegic Wakeboarder Rides The Waves

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Paraplegic woman wakeboarding

Paralyzed from a spinal tumor at the age of 16, Sarah Holm was initially unsure of her future in sports. “I thought I would just have to sit on the sidelines and cheer,” she says. But then Sarah found Colsac Skiers, an adaptive ski school based in Merrimac, WI and she went from sitting on the sidelines to wakeboarding in Lake Wazeecha.

Programs like the Colsac Skiers bring people of all abilities together, and provide a great opportunity to display impressive athleticism. Using a special wakeboard designed for athletes to ski while seated, Sarah puts her skills on display by doing tricks on the water ranging from riding backward to jumping over waves.

“Adaptive sports are not watered down or made any easier; they employ special equipment and different rules to match the rigor of traditional sports with their own unique challenges.”

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