Paraplegic Skydiver Returns in a Wingsuit

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In 2012, veteran skydiver Susanne Böhme was paralyzed from the waist down during a base-jumping accident. A daredevil at heart, Susanne knew quickly that her accident was not going to deter her from returning to the sport.

paraplegic woman skydives in a wing suit

“After the accident, this was a totally different story. But I knew quite early I was going to return to skydiving, so I didn’t let it get me down.”

After undergoing rigorous training to regain her strength, Susanne was able to return to skydiving just nine months after her accident. 

Four years later, Susanne donned a wingsuit as she participated in a skydiving event in St. Dié-Remomeix.

“I was super nervous before exiting the plane. But I also knew I had a good plan, plus a plan B too, should anything go wrong. Once I was airborne, it was amazing to be back in the air in a wing suit, surrounded by so many flying friends.”

paraplegic skydiver

And that deep look of satisfaction when Susanne lands on the ground reveals just how much Susanne is in her own element when she skydives.

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