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Riding a motorcycle was everything to Steve Reid from when he first got on a bike at the age of twenty-four till he got in an accident at age thirty-nine. Steve sustained a spinal cord injury as a result of a motorcycle stunt gone wrong causing him to become a paraplegic. After a battle with depression, his love for riding prevailed when Steve modified a Harley motorcycle equipped for his wheelchair.

Steve in his wheelchair posing in front of his bike.

Steve friends and sone Layne tried to keep him involved in the motorcycle world as much as possible. However, Steve states watching from the sidelines just was not enough. He says, "I wanted to be included, I wanted to ride again. It felt good watching but I was still stuck in that grey area ... it was hard."  

Steve tried para-shooting and building drift cars in an attempt to fill the void of his love for motorcycles but in the end, it was not enough.

Steve riding motorcycle

"I needed to get back on the road, and I didn't want to ever give up on that dream."

Steve approached West Engineering in Henderson, Australia to see if they would assist him in modifying a 2004 Harley Davidson sportster to meet his needs. The modifications included changing the foot gear shifter and adding a cart to the side for his wheelchair.

Steve says being able to ride his bike leaves him with an incredible feeling. He considers himself lucky to still be able to do what he loves.

Whenever Steve has difficulty with depression he gets on his bike and hits the open road.

"It's still hard, even with my bike now. I still slip into depression, I still get those dark moments. But now whenever I feel like I'm slipping back into it, I just get on my bike and ride it off – it's my escape."

Steve concludes with this advice, "Don't give up on your dreams, I did once when the doctors told me I couldn't walk again, let alone ride - but I was determined. I had a great support network and I've achieved things with my body I never thought was possible."

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