Paraplegic Lands First Backflip On Dirt Bike

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On October 14, 2015, Bruce Cook made history as the first paraplegic to land a backflip in a dirt bike at NitroCircus. (Jump to 1:20) 

A life with paralysis

Bruce wasn’t able to complete the rotation on an attempt on a backflip on a dirt bike and crash landed. His first words were “I can’t feel my legs”. Many would’ve assumed his career would be over, but Bruce had another plan. “It’s the toughest thing for any athlete not to be able to follow your passion, but Bruce figured out a way,” shared a friend.

Over a few months, Bruce and his team began adapting his bike, including bars to protect his legs and a seatbelt. “It’s one of the scariest things for me because there’s no eject button anymore,” Bruce explains. And in an arena of thousands of fans screaming on their feet, Bruce was back on his bike, ready to re-attempt the trick that paralyzed him. “You want to talk about a comeback, here it is!” screamed the announcer, and Bruce was off up the ramp pulling off a flawless backflip and clean landing and an eruption from excited fans.

“I’ve never liked the word ‘can’t’. Take that word out of your vocabulary…the possibilities are endless and the sky’s the limit.”

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