Paraplegic Gym Exercises

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Marcela is a paraplegic who loves to hit the gym. She's made a couple videos to show how she does push ups and core strengthening exercises.

Push Ups

When it comes to push ups, Marcela uses a balance trainer, which looks like an inflatable ball cut in half. She gets on the floor and positions her lower torso on the balance trainer to stabilize her core. Then she grips onto two twelve-pound weights with her hands. She catches her breath, then starts her push ups.

These push ups are a great way to build strength in your upper body.

Watch as Marcela demonstrates:


For core and strength exercises, she sits on a gym bench and spars with a dummy being held by a trainer. Marcela throws a few punches, then pushes herself back onto a balance trainer ball. The spring from the ball helps push her back into a seated position while she engages her core muscles to fully upright herself. She repeats while her trainer encourages her!

Take a look!

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