Paraplegic Gets In a Swimming Pool

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There's nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in a swimming pool on a hot day. In this video, Erik Kondo, a T4-5 paraplegic, demonstrates how enters the pool via a diving board.

Erik has a short diving board equipped by his swimming pool. First, he positions his wheelchair beside the diving board. To transfer from the wheelchair to the diving board, he places one arm on the diving board to support his body and pushes himself up from the wheelchair with his other hand.

Next, Erik slides toward the tip of the diving board. He leaves a little room at the end for his legs. Then, he lifts his legs up, keeping his knees bent on the board. He also adjusts his position to ensure that his feet are on the edge of the board.

Once he’s done repositioning himself, Erik grabs on to the edge of the board with both hands. With a hard pull, Erik tips over and into the pool he goes!

Watch this video to see how Erik makes a splash:

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