Paraplegic Crossfitter Motivates Others

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Whitney Bailey
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Disabled But Not Really
Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Vanessa Cantu, a T12/L1 paraplegic, works out and weight trains four times a week to be able to compete in Crossfit competitions and obstacle course races. She lives by the motto “Mind Over Matter”.

“Anything can be accomplished if you believe it and are willing to fight for it.”

Vanessa, at the gym lifting a dumbbell over her head, looking in the mirror.

Vanessa is working on obtaining her certifications to be able to coach and mentor other people with disabilities. She proclaims she is a people person. Vanessa believes she can find the good in every person and every situation.

Vanessa’s plate is constantly overflowing and she admits that she has difficulty with slowing down sometimes, but would not change her lifestyle for anything.

“Everything in life is what you make of it and others will react towards your situation based on how you carry yourself.”

Vanessa has learned that confidence comes when you embrace becoming the strongest version of yourself physically. She states that with confidence you are unstoppable and memorable!

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