Paralyzed Woman Gains Confidence Through Weight Loss

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Lauren LaPorta was in a diving accident that left her with a spinal cord injury when she was 11 years’ old. She was told by doctors that she would have to relearn how to perform daily tasks. And after a year of intense physical therapy, Lauren was able to start moving her limbs again.

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Now, Lauren is a high school guidance counselor, and one of the biggest challenges she has had to face was to lose weight. “When you're in a wheelchair and it’s hard for you to get in and out of your car so many times a day, you're more likely to go to drive-throughs,” she notes.

With a determined spirit, Lauren diligently worked with her personal trainer and lost over 40 pounds since August 2016. While the first step is always the hardest, as Lauren admits, it is important to never give up.

“Our first attempt on getting on a treadmill, walking, I fell off. I tried it again [recently], and was able to step right up and we walked for five minutes."

Besides exercising, Lauren has also switched up her diet, opting for more fruits and vegetables.

Although Lauren admits that she still has her down days, she knows that she has to “just keep going.” The weight loss has also boosted her confidence and made her optimistic about the future.

"I have the inner strength to overcome such an injury and keep fighting every single day, and find new ways to motivate myself."

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