Nike Signs First Professional Athlete With Cerebral Palsy

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Justin Gallegos has become Nike’s first professional athlete with cerebral palsy. Justin is a runner on his club team at the University of Oregon. He was surprised with the Nike contract at the end of one of his races.


“This was perhaps the most emotional moment in my seven years of running!”

Justin states, “You don’t realize how realistic and emotional your dreams are until they play out before your very eyes!” Growing up with a disability, Justin equates becoming a signed professional athlete to climbing Mt. Everest.

In May, Nike released a video for their Breaking2 campaign featuring Justin. He says being an athlete deals with an individual’s heart and mind.

Justin is collaborating with Nike to design shoes specifically for people with disabilities. “It means a lot knowing that I have a say and a voice representing the shoes that potentially thousands and thousands of disabled people are going to be putting on their feet. I have a tremendous opportunity here,” he says.

Congrats to Justin!

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