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Glenneisha Dawkins, also known as Glenny for short, is a “striver, student, and paints on occasion.” She was paralyzed after a car accident, and took up mouthpainting earlier in 2015.

She first drew inspiration from animals and insects, and her earliest piece of work was a butterfly. Although she described her first painting as “ugly,” she recognized that patience and perseverance would guide her to better hone her skills.

“I wanted to give up until I realized that if I keep practicing at it, I will eventually evolve, making it more beautiful."

Glenny then decided to focus on portraiture, drawing inspiration from her adolescent years. She now boasts a wall of cartoons and characters from a nostalgic past, including the Rugrats and Disney princesses like Belle and Jasmine. Her artistry also shines through when she describes how her works are meant to engage the viewer’s imagination by deliberating leaving details out.

Art is an avenue where Glenny can express her emotions, making it a therapeutic experience for her. She recognises that art is not meant to be perfect; it is meant to be representative of herself.

“It is exactly what you feel, the emotions that you feel, and that’s one thing I like about it. I like to draw. It’s real, unscripted, and it is imperfect. But it’s also beautiful. Because it’s me. It’s my art.”

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