More Than A Team, We're Family

Written by
Brittany Déjean
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Written by
Brittany Déjean

Suhaimi has had his disability since his was 1 year old.

A budding interest in wheelchair sports

Wheelchair basketball player shooting a basket with an opponent trying to block the shot

His interest in basketball started at a young age playing with his friends. From there, his interest in sports began to grow, to include swimming and table tennis. “Those were my favourite games, but it’s not a passion. This is my passion,” Suhaimi shared about his love of basketball. He felt that basketball best suited his interest. His bonds with his team are something that Suhaimi treasures and values.

“It’s aggressive which is something I like and the bond is there. We help each other. When somebody is down, we try to push them up.” 

His passion for basketball pushed him to play for nearly 20 years and he trained for the ASEAN Paragames in December 2015. He and his team have been training together for a long time. They help each other improve on their weak points and encourage one another. It is a place where they feel welcome and play their hearts out. Despite all the shouting and aggressiveness in each game, they’re still family at heart.

Encouraging others to try wheelchair basketball

Suhaimi encourages anyone interested in basketball to give it a try. “We don’t want to force them…They might see it as a very rough game but it’s not, it’s just aggressive and a fast game,” he explains. “We’ll teach them basics first until their interest is there.” They are the only wheelchair basketball team representing Singapore and they train Wednesday evenings and Saturdays.

Thinking of trying wheelchair basketball? If you’re interested in feeling at home and being pushed to your limits, this sport is for you.

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