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Kristen Sachs
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Written by
Kristen Sachs

Tim enjoys working out, and he’s found a great product that he uses to adapt his routine. He uses a metal weight lifting hook to help him grip a pull up bar. Tim has cerebral palsy, and his right hand is almost always in a fist. He uses the hook on his right wrist so that he can effectively and safely grip the bar.

“I use them specifically for pull ups because due to the nature of my disability –  it makes it really difficult for me to hold on to certain surfaces and objects for long periods of time.”

a pair of metal weight lifting hooks

Here’s how Tim uses the hook to complete his pull up routine:

  • First he has someone assist him with securing the hook around his right wrist.
  • Then he pulls his wheelchair up to the pull-up bar and elevates himself into a position where he can easily reach the bar.
  • Tim uses his left hand to secure the hook onto the bar. With his right arm now secured to the bar, he lowers his chair, and backs it up slightly.
  • Then he grips the bar with his left hand, and begins his pull ups.

Watch how he does it!

While the hooks are not specifically designed for people with disabilities, they are particularly helpful for Tim and anyone else that might need assistance for gripping objects.

“It’s a really cool way for someone to work out even though it might be difficult for someone to grab something.”

If you would like to take your workout to the next level with your own metal weight lifting hooks, click below:


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