Learning How To Get Up After A Fall With Steph Hammerman

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Steph Hammerman
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Falling down and learning how to pick yourself back up off the ground is a part of life. In the video below, Steph Hammerman, born with cerebral palsy, demonstrates how she gets herself up off the ground using her crutches.


“Getting up and off the ground is a vital part of life.”

“If we don’t always have someone around, and god forbid we fall, we have to learn how to pick ourselves up,” says Steph. She begins the process of getting up off the floor by getting on her back and swinging her arms to the side. This movement gives her body the momentum to turn so she is lying on her stomach. She then begins to draw her knees up and slowly moves her arms back while pushing through them. These movements help her get onto her hands and knees. 

Once on her hands and knees, Steph crawls over to her crutches. She then puts her crutches through her arms while balancing on her knees. She then is able to push through her arms while getting her legs underneath her to stand. 

Steph reminds her viewers, “This isn’t something that happened overnight...but the more you do it the easier it gets.” 

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