Independent Arm Exercises For People Pushing Wheelchairs

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Mason Ellis

Mason is a C5,C6,C7 quadriplegic. Every day, after he wakes up and transfers to his wheelchair, he performs independent arm stretches and exercises to help keep his arms and shoulders limber. In his video, he takes viewers through his entire arm workout.

At 0:25, Mason starts his exercises with his arms down at his side, and brings them outward and up. “Kind of like I’m doing jumping jacks,” he says.

For the next stretch at 1:35, Mason raises the arms of his wheelchair, then again starts with his arms down to his side, and raises them forward and up.

Next, at 3:05, he starts with his elbows out and rotates his arm forward and down. This helps to loosen the muscles in his shoulders.

At 3:35 Mason demonstrates how he stretches his arms and shoulders by crossing one arm over his body and holding it in place with his other arm.

Lastly, after putting his chair arms back down, Mason works his triceps at 6:40 by starting with his arms straight overhead, and bending his arms downward at the elbows.

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