How Sports Benefit Your Life

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Written by
Brittany Déjean
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AbleThrive Original
Written by
Brittany Déjean

Jack and his wife, Tricia, are wheelchair-users and no strangers to sports.

Jack has competed in swimming, tennis, weight lifting and wheelchair racing and Tricia is passionate about wheelchair tennis. Sports have become part of their lives and it has even helped them to overcome challenges. “I’ve made a lot of friends overseas and I learnt to be independent,” says Tricia. Jack gets credit for being the one to introduce her to wheelchair tennis that led her to developing her passion.

“On the emotional side…a lot of discipline…and perseverance in sports is very important,” he explains. “It does help you in your daily living.” Since Jack is still competing internationally, Tricia is very understanding of the demands of Jack’s training schedule. With that said, despite Jack’s schedule, he still makes sure he makes time for his family and his wife.

“I believe that most disabled person should take part in sports then they’ll learn to become more independent. They’ll learn to strive more in life.”

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