Handcycling for Exercise and Fun

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"Sports is freeing and invigorating, and you need that exercise to stay healthy." 

This is why people of all ages and of all abilities are invited to join the sport of handcycling, a program sponsored by the City of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department. There are children as young as 4 years old, and adults who are 85 years of age in this program, showing that the sport of handcycling is one which is suitable for all.

Handcycling is a great form of exercise, and it can also be a way to form bonds with family and friends. Aside from the community of wheelchair sports, handcycling allows individuals to participate in activities with their families, such as riding along the beach. It is a “meshing of the two worlds,” as Sara Cantor, a handcycler, puts it.

Besides that, handcycling also empowers those who take up this sport. “You feel more proud of yourself when you are able to say that you play on a real competitive sports team,” Sara explains. She shares that handcycling has enabled her to “share that sense of pride and accomplishment.” Similarly, Fred, another handcycler comments that handcycling allows both children and adult to recognize their abilities when they “do things they didn’t know they can accomplish.”

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