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Power soccer has been a huge part of Nathan Mayer’s life. Nathan was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy when he was 8 months old. As a child, he was always active in sports. It was through being involved in adaptive t-ball that he found out about power soccer, and that has been his passion ever since. 

When Nathan was 7 years old, he picked up power soccer. To Nathan, joining the sport has certainly offered him many opportunities. Power soccer was a sport that satisfied his competitive spirit. “It has [also] given me the independence I’ve been looking for,” shares Nathan.

Nathan’s road to joining Team USA’s power soccer team has certainly had its challenges. For one, people doubted Nathan’s abilities and skills. Thus, Nathan had to work harder to prove that he had what it took to belong on the team. Before the selection camp, Nathan participated in regular gym sessions to brush up on his technique, including ball control and shots. And his efforts paid off.

And even after being selected as part of the Top 12, Nathan did not stop pushing himself to improve. “After I made the Top 12, I [have been] in the gym three to four times a week doing drills and improving my game,” says Nathan, demonstrating his diligence and determination to excel. 

Now Nathan is looking forward to a new milestone in life: college. Nathan will be attending the University of Minnesota this fall, taking on a double major in product design and graphic design. But Nathan’s desire to make power soccer gain the recognition it deserves will always be one of his priorities.

“[Power soccer] has brought me many seconds and memories that I’d never forget, and I’m forever grateful to [it]. Power soccer means everything to me, and I will do anything for Team USA and to represent my country.”

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