Freedom Found In Adaptive Sports

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Matt Feeney is a sports enthusiast who was paralyzed in a diving accident. He says all the things that usually hold him down - worries, fears, and pains - vanish when he is amidst the action of participating in a sport. Matt wished for other people with similar challenges to experience the freedom of sports. Matt and a friend developed an adaptive sports program called ‘Adaptive Adventures’.

Matt snow skiing

Skiing was the first adaptive sport Matt tried post injury. He recalls how when he first started the sport his friends would have to wait for him to ski down the hill as he was not as fast as they were. Matt persevered and continued to build up his strength. He became a professional ski instructor, and he had to wait at the bottom of the hill for his friends.  

Matt embraced other sports as well including water skiing, wakeboarding, hand cycling, and scuba diving.

“I had a new mission in my life to share this newly found freedom to enhance the lives of other who face similar challenges.”

Two wheelchair users preparing to wakeboard

Matt discovered that many people with disabilities struggled to find adaptive sport programs. Some had trouble figuring out what sport they should participate it in. Matt discussed these issues with a fellow adaptive athlete. The two friends decided to do something to help. They developed a year round progress adaptive sports program.

Adaptive Adventures kayaking

Matt says the philosophy of Adaptive Adventures was to bring awareness to adaptive sports opportunities. But the mission was to also bring people from all over the country to different mountain venues to participate in these activities. Adaptive Adventures creates an environment for learning, sharing, and socialization.

“The confidence (sports) brings is life changing!”

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