Fishing On A Boat With A Power Wheelchair

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Trevor and his partner Stacey have enjoyed fishing together for many years in a creek just outside their Queensland, Australia home. Trevor has loved to fish since he was very young. As an adult, he bought his own boat that he and Stacey would venture out on. Two years after the purchase of his boat, Trevor was injured and became a C3-4 quadriplegic with some movement in his left biceps brachii. Once he recovered to the point he was stable, Trevor and Stacey ventured out to the creek to give fishing another go.

To transfer in and out of the boat, Trevor and Stacey had a custom crane made for the task. It allows Trevor to transfer while in his manual wheelchair. “We had a welder manufacture the crane using a hoist we purchased off the net that can lift 800 kgs!” says Stacey. Their setup is designed so Trevor only needs one person to assist him on his fishing adventures. “Before we had the crane, we used his hoist and it was a bit dodgy,” explains Stacey. “We needed two of us to get him in.”

Trevor has an electric fishing rod that he bought from, an online retailer specializing in fishing equipment for power wheelchair users.

“We made up a rod holder for it, but are in the process of making a better rod holder so the reel can sit in front of him a bit better.”

Stacey assists Trevor by baiting up the hook and casting the line. Then once there’s a bite, Trevor “hits the big red jellybean button on the rod to reel in all his own fish,” writes Stacey.

To help stabilize the boat while on the water, the couple had a boat collar, made of a large piece of foam, installed onto the outside of the hull. “This is fantastic in keeping the boat stable when other boats go past,” shares Stacey.

With some clever adaptations, Trevor and Stacey have once again made fishing one of their favorite pastimes.

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