First Paraplegic to Complete South Pole Expedition

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Doug Stoup, founder of Ice Axe Expeditions, has been guiding people on adventures across Antarctica for ten years. He has skied the Geographic South Pole sixteen times and four times from the coast of Antarctica, raising money for various charities along the way.

“The Pole of Hope” was one of Doug’s most recent expeditions, where he guided Aron Anderson, a paraplegic, to the South Pole. Aron is familiar with conquering challenging feats, as his accomplishments include competing in four different Paralympics, winning ten gold medals in the World Junior Athletic Championships, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kebnekaise, and the list continues.

a paraplegic on a sit ski sits next to a man on skis at their south pole expedition

The pair skied 314 miles over 22 days. Aron pushed himself on a sit ski while Doug pulled a sled containing all of their necessities that weighed over 330 pounds.

The motivation for the Antarctic expedition was to raise money for childhood cancer and encourage others to reach their personal goals. Aron and Doug raised over $840,000. Aron became the first paraplegic to ski from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, while the experiences on the risk taking trek earned Doug the Global Green People Award.

“We both are very proud of the money we raised and continue to do so as well as inspire others to focus on opportunities rather than risks. It was amazing to watch Aron push himself up 9,000 feet and across the polar plateau. I was inspired every minute of the expedition.”

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