Finding Passion in Wheelchair Basketball

Written by
Brittany Déjean
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AbleThrive Original
Written by
Brittany Déjean


Man in wheelchair basketball wheelchair

Michael plays wheelchair basketball team representing Singapore for the AEAN Paragames. He’s been playing basketball for over 27 years. What started out as a hobby has turned into Michael’s passion. Although, he has played various sports like tennis, swimming and racing and marathons, he prefers to stick one sport now: basketball.

Working together as a team

Whenever Michael gets into a game, he only thinks about his team mates and working together. “I never say I can win or I can lose,” he shares. “We just try our best.” He’s determined to keep on pursuing his passion. Michael’s family have been very supportive, watching him on TV when he’s been off competing internationally.

“We all play basketball,” he shares. Even though they play in wheelchairs, the only difference is the strategy and the height they’re shooting from. Otherwise, the game is the same. Michael has been playing basketball for so long, he’s now able to judge a person’s body posture and aim to see if it’ll be a good shot or not.

Michael welcomes anyone with an interest in trying out wheelchair basketball to come for a test run to see if it’s something they’re really interested in.

“If you’re ready, we can teach you…We won’t force you to play,” he says. Slow coaching and explaining is Michael’s way of making one feel comfortable to ease potential players out of their comfort zone. He believes one must see how it is first- he doesn’t believe in forcing anyone. 

It’s never too late to start being active. Share this post with someone who might be interested in trying out wheelchair basketball!

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