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Brothers Kyle and Brent Pease embody the true meaning of teamwork. Together they have completed 44 endurance races in just 4 years, and all those have been accomplished with Brent pushing Kyle in a wheelchair over each finish line.

Kyle has cerebral palsy with spastic quadriplegia. In 2011, he was watching his brother compete in an Ironman, and Kyle asked Brent if people in wheelchairs could also participate. That’s when the brothers teamed up.

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Besides racing alongside his brother, Brent also coaches disabled athletes, and shares this insight about what coaching means: “We’re not trying to solve every issue they have but just give them hope that if they can complete a marathon or an Ironman, there’s nothing that’s stopping them.”

Overcoming Obstacles

Brent and Kyle had to put their resolve to the test during the 2015 New York City Marathon when Kyle’s wheelchair broke only 12 miles into the 26 mile race. After an unsuccessful repair attempt at a nearby bike shop, Brent and Kyle found themselves in the marathon’s medical tent on the verge of dropping out of the race.

But they decided not to quit.

With supplies from the medical team, Brent rigged Kyle’s wheelchair as best he could, and began the long, exhausting task of half-carrying half-pushing Kyle in his wheelchair the remainder of the race.

Soon two other runners offered to help. And seven hours after the race started, Kyle, Brent, and their two fellow competitors crossed the finish line.

The experience was overwhelming for the brothers.

Kyle’s words in describing a children’s book he’s written, ring true for his marathon experience: “I want children to realize that no matter what, where there’s a will or in my case a wheel, there’s a way.”

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