Empowering Women in Wheelchairs - Rollettes Experience 2019

Written by
Whitney Bailey
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Rollettes Dance
Written by
Whitney Bailey

“The Rollettes Experience is a life-changing event for most of our attendees,” says Chelse Hill, the founder of the Rollettes Dance team. The Rollettes Experience welcomes over 150 women from all over the world for a fun-filled weekend of dance, makeup seminars, health and fitness classes, and overall camaraderie.


“Rollettes Experience is a weekend full of events and opportunities that encompass the team’s mission to empower women with disabilities to live boundlessly and shift perspectives through dance.”

Chelsie states the Rollettes Experience began for the same reason the Rollettes Dance team began. “We wanted to provide others with the sense of community, sisterhood, and friendship that we get from the team. It’s important for us to provide others and the next generation with the tools and assurance to live boundlessly,” she says.

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When asked “How important do you think a sense of community is for someone post injury?” Chelsie answers, “Feeling a sense of community is almost essential for someone after a life-changing injury. Having community is what fuels everything that we do, and gives us purpose. For those recently injured, it’s with community that you learn new ways to live your life and get the support to try new things. Community is one of the main fundamentals of the Rollettes, and something we strive to provide to others every day.“

For those who want to attend the Rollettes Experience but may be a little hesitant, the team encourages you to reach out to them.

“We want to create a safe space for women to feel empowered, and making sure our attendees are comfortable is a huge part of that.”

“Most of our attendees are nervous about coming to their first Rollettes Experience, whether it’s because they’re traveling by themselves, anxious about being around so many people, or feel like they can’t dance. What they’ll find when they attend is that the Rollettes Experience is so much more than dance, and that any worries they have will soon dissolve with the support they get from other attendees,” says Chelsie.

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Chelsie shares one of her fondest memories of past Rollettes Experiences is being able to witness the number of friendships that are created and sustained. “Our attendees meet other wheelchair users that they can relate to, and seeing how fast and strong the friendships develop is incredible,” she says.

“There is a contagious energy that exists at Rollettes Experience, and it’s the kind that pushes and supports our attendees to do things they wouldn’t normally do. It’s that energy that empowers all of us.”

Chelsie concludes, “At the end of the day, the Rollettes Experience isn’t all about dance, fitness, makeup, or other activities. It’s about fun. We provide our attendees with opportunities to forget about everything that may be a hindrance in their lives.”

Visit the Rollettes Experience 2019 website for more information.

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