Duct-Tape Surfing

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Pascale Honore was paralyzed in a car accident and began to relearn life as a paraplegic.

“An accident like this affects everything. You just gotta relearn to live a different way.” 

Pascale was confronted with things she couldn’t do anymore. “I used to watch my sons a lot from the house,” she says. “I could still see them or drive the car as close as I could to watch them surf.” She was always fascinated by surfing, and a new idea formed.

“I could duct-tape her to my back and surf,” Tyron Swan, her son’s friend suggested. And it took off. The two practiced and found a system that worked including duct-tape and a modified backpack.

“Just looking up, the color, the sound…it was like being part of everything. Being part of the water, I can’t even find words to explain it. You can still have a dream and things are possible.”

This post is dedicated to Pascale, who passed away in early September 2015. May her spirit live on.

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