Dancing After Spinal Cord Injury

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Marka Danielle is a professional dancer. When she sustained a spinal cord injury, she started training in wheelchair dancing all over the United States. Marka says that her injury has only deepened her passion for dance.

“After my injury, there was this incredible passion. Literally, to find a way to get back to movement.”

Marka dancing in her wheelchair

Marka states that there are some differences as a dancer who uses their legs to a dancer who uses a wheelchair. She compares dancing in a wheelchair to the glide of ice skating. Marka says that when she dances she gets an immense sense of freedom.

“So (wheelchair dancing) is kind of a combination of the glide of ice skating and the ballet of my dancing, and there is a wonderful sense of freedom as you get a good glide. It’s like the wind blowing in your face is very different and very cool.”

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