Cure Medical: Holiday Gift Ideas For Wheelchair User

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Curated by
Whitney Bailey

The holiday season is upon us! This also means the search for the perfect gift for your loved ones is about to begin (if it hasn’t already.) Looking for a gift for someone who uses a wheelchair? Cure Medical has you covered! Here are some of their holiday gift ideas for people who use wheelchairs.

Portable Heat Therapy

Portable heat therapy

“Staying warm in the colder months can be a challenge for people with limited ambulation and circulation, so heat therapy can be a great holiday gift,” says Cure. They recommend products like those made by the Body Company. The products are portable, reusable and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different parts of the body.

Reusable Straws

Cure states, ”Straws can be a valuable tool for individuals with low hand-dexterity. Plastic straws are not as readily available due to the related environmental concerns, and some people simply don’t like using plastic to eat or drink out of.”

Mooker reusable straws

Cure advertises a travel kit of an affordable variety pack of straws made by Mooker. The pack includes silicon straws (which have flexibility and are totally safe), as well as stainless steel straws with silicone tips.

Meal Kit Delivery Service 

Guy (wheelchair user) putting cookies in oven

We can all relate to the fact that cooking and preparing meals can be a tedious task. “If the person you’re shopping for is a “foodie” or simply interested in eating better or “expanding their palette,” why not gift them a few months of a meal kit delivery service?” writes Cure.

Accessible transportation may be an issue for some wheelchair users. Therefore, meal delivery kits prove to be a great option for a healthy well-balanced meal.

Apple Watch 

apple watch

Cure states, “An Apple Watch can have all kinds of benefits for people who roll – and who wouldn’t love one as a gift?” These devices can help people manage their health and activity, appointments, messages and so much more.

Smart Water Bottle 

smart water bottle

Staying hydrated is important for everyone, especially for those who experience frequent UTI’s. “Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to forget to drink enough, even with the best of intentions,” says Cure. They recommend the Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle, a bottle that connects to your phone or smartwatch via Bluetooth to track your water intake. The bottle begins to glow when you need to hydrate.  

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