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Gavin, took up wheelchair rugby after his spinal cord injury left him a quadriplegic with limited upper mobility. “It’s a competitive sport that I can play,” he explains. “I enjoy the physical nature of it, also I enjoy the team environment.” Gavin is a member of the New Zealand team, the Wheel Blacks, who train throughout the year for international competitions. Becoming a Wheel Black is one of his greatest athletic achievements. Now he travels the world and has great bonds with his teammates.

“I really enjoy a team environment…You get up and you train because you know that your teammates are doing it. At times you…don’t feel like training but you get to training and your mates are there and you get into it.” 

Even though training comes first in Gavin’s schedule, his family and friends are very supportive and proud of his achievements. “They love it. They’ve seen the benefits from my independence,” he explains. “You’re a lot stronger, you learn so much from the other guys.”

Don’t hesitate to try out wheelchair rugby if you think you’d love a team environment and/or a boost in independence.

Watch Gavin as he shares what he loves about wheelchair rugby:

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