Cancer Survivor with Cerebral Palsy Competes in Race

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It could be safe to say that Steph Hammerman strives to break records. She is the world’s first level two cross-fit trainer with cerebral palsy. Steph recently became the first person (in 34 years) to compete in the 13.1 mile Winston-Salem race on a handcycle. Steph has had some challenges this year, as she has beat cancer, but she has proven that nothing is going to slow her down!

Steph smiling on hand cycle


“My biggest inspiration is the people who don’t think I can do something or question my capability. If you tell me I can’t, I’ll show you I can.”


Steph has completed fourteen races and several half marathons. The Winston-Salem was Steph first race in three years after being diagnosed with (and beating) stage 3 lymphoma in 2016. Steph says that the doctors predicted complications with her cancer treatment because of her cerebral palsy. But, partly due to her physical fitness, Steph did not encounter any complications.

“When I got sick, everything came to a halt, but I didn’t really have time for cancer. The doctors said they had never seen anything like me before. There should have been complications, but little by little I got better.”

Here’s to many successful races in Steph’s future!

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