C5 Quadriplegic Rehab Exercises

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Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Naresh Gupta, a C5 quadriplegic, is a client with Aim2Walk. His therapy sessions are aimed to improve his core strength with intensive one on one muscle training as well as using the Lokomat to help relearn a proper walking gait pattern.


The first exercise shows Naresh laying flat on his back with his arms stretched out in front of him. He then starts moving to one side, using the momentum from his arms while turning his shoulders to be able to get on his side.

The video shows Naresh sitting up touching a putty-like substance in a bucket to work on grip strength.

Naresh lays on his stomach and pushes his torso up with his arms to work on his triceps and arm muscles.

To work on strengthening his core, Naresh lays across an exercise ball with his legs propped on a bench. Naresh puts his hands together moving his torso side to side while laying on the ball. This exercise also provides a good stretch.

Naresh also strengthens his core muscles by doing adapted sit-ups. He is propped up by a wedge while holding a bar with extended arms. Naresh uses his stomach muscles to sit up.

To work on hip flexion, Naresh’s therapists help him get to a crawling position. He then moves his weight back and forth using his arms while his therapists guides his hips.

Lastly, the video shows Naresh using the Lokomat to work on his gait pattern.

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