C4 Quadriplegic Physical Therapy Exercises

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Curated by
Kristen Sachs

Matty is a C4 quadriplegic, and he enjoys going to physical therapy to work on strengthening his body. At 22 months post-injury, here are some of the exercises he does:

First, he works on sitting balance. He sits upright on a bench and deliberately keeps his hands off the bench for support to help improve his core strength for balance.

Next, he practices reaching and grasping. With the help of his daughter, Matty reaches and grasps therapy balls and throws them into a bin near his feet. It takes a few tries, but eventually he gets it!

Last, Matty works on some more core strengthening, but this time he is strapped onto a bench that stands him up nearly vertical. Matty then engages his core muscles and pushes his upper body off the standing bench. He holds that position for an additional workout.

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