Best Stretch For Wheelchair Users

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“I think that stretching is a massively important part of day to day life for people that are in wheelchairs,” says Ben Clark, a quadriplegic. Ben shares what he refers to as the best stretch for wheelchair users. 

“But one thing that is often overlooked is anything with the lower body. We think that because we’re paralyzed we can just leave it alone and it won’t cause any problems but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.” 

Ben demonstrates how to stretch your hip flexor muscles by transferring on to your bed. This stretch is important for wheelchair users because they sit down for a large amount of time and their hip flexors get tight.

At around 2:09 in the video, Ben transfers onto the bed. He positions himself on the edge of his bed and then simply lays back in the bed. “What’s going to happen here is that we’re going to basically elongate ourselves as much as possible,” he says. To increase the stretch Ben suggests raising one arm above your head at a time and reach over to the opposite side of your body.

Ben states, “It might not feel like a stretch, it might not look like a stretch, but it’s actually a good stretch.”

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