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Geoff Babb, an adventure enthusiast, sustained two brainstem strokes 14 years ago and has been a wheelchair user ever since. His injury prompted him to focus on helping people with serious disabilities access trails, and an outdoor lifestyle.

Geoff being pushed by friend in hiking wheelchair

“The AdvenChair is not based on wheelchair parts. It's based on mountain bike components, which are more durable than wheelchair parts and less expensive.”

Geoff created a one of a kind all-terrain wheelchair called AdvenChair. The AdvenChair resembles a mountain bike. It has handlebars, disc brakes, and a bright orange frame. The wheelchair’s purpose is to help people with serious disabilities access trail systems because Geoff says, “we need to celebrate that we’re alive.”

Geoff found that existing all-terrain wheelchairs did not meet his needs. The AdvenChair allows for a team of people to help propel, push, pull, and steer. However, a single rider can also propel the chair as well.

Geoff being pulled by team in all terrain wheelchair

The prototype for the AdvenChair has been costly, totaling $10,000. Geoff and his team are reaching out to tourism companies that lead adventures for people with disabilities to get the wheelchair out in the community.

Geoff and his team were recently on the show Shark Tank. Geoff had to give a seven-minute pitch about the AdvenChair, and the winner was decided by an audience vote. The audience voted for the AdvenChair and Geoff won the prize of $5,000.

Congrats to Geoff and his team. We can’t wait to see the progression of the AdvenChair!

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