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“If you had asked me a few years ago if I’d ever try extreme sports, I would have thought you’d lost your mind,” says Emma Muldoon who was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Emma made the decision to try adaptive skiing with the help of Disability Snowsport UK.


“Skiing seemed like the perfect choice of my first experience of accessible sports with a disability (go large or go home).”

Emma contacted the center by phone and they gathered all of the information that was needed including her disability, weight, and medical procedures in the last year. Emma made sure Disability Snowsport UK was fully aware of her physical needs ahead of time.

Emma sitting in her wheelchair next to the sit ski

Arriving at the center, Emma was transferred into the sit-ski. She then had assistance being strapped in. There were straps on her shoulders, chest, and legs. Pieces of foam were also placed between Emma and the chair for extra padding and comfort. There was also a back piece that came up to Emma’s head to support her neck.

“We then made our way to the slopes and that’s when it hit me what I was about to do as I seen the huge snow slope. There was a mix of “OMG! I can’t do this” and “let’s do this”. Of course, I went with the “let’s do this”.”

Emma was able to move the direction of the ski by small movements of her head and body. She says, “It didn’t matter how small my movements were it would be enough to control where I was going. It felt amazing and exhilarating as I skied down the slope. I never thought I’d ever do anything like this in my life, but I did and I’m so glad I decided to try it.”

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