Adaptive Ski Trip to Whistler

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During an Easter holiday, Freddie and his family traveled to Whistler. Since Freddie uses a wheelchair, a family friend recommended Ski Safari in Whistler, Vancouver, for an adaptive family trip.

Family tries adaptive skiing

Whistler is a terrific place for wheelchair users to vacation; it offers an adaptive ski school and is completely wheelchair friendly. You’ll find a range of accessible accommodations near the gondolas that take you to Whistler Mountain, and according to Freddie, everything in Whistler Village was within walking distance of their hotel.

During his trip, Freddie took advantage of the adaptive skiing; an instructor recommended a sit-ski, which features a bucket-shaped seat and a handlebar for the instructor to hold. "Sit-skis require little effort from the sit-skier," says Freddie, who recalls whizzing down the mountain with his instructor.

“It was definitely a fantastic feeling to have the wind and snow rushing into my face, very liberating.”

Freddie and his family enjoyed hot chocolate in a mountain restaurant, one of 90 restaurants in Whistler Village, many of which are exceedingly willing to accommodate wheelchairs. 

Freddie attributes his enjoyable vacation to the patience and sensitivity displayed by the management at Whistler Adaptive Sports Program. They were equally welcoming and professional, notes Freddie. He hopes to spend another holiday with his family at Whistler, but he will always have the amazing memories of his time there. Freddie shared the following tips for wheelchair users planning a trip to Whistler:

  • If you travel to the U.S. or Canada with an electric chair, you will need a US-adapted charger.
  • Let the airline know what extra equipment you will be travelling with and check in early.
  • Pre-book adapted transport between the airport and your accommodation.
  • If you are hiring a car, make sure you have full details of the vehicle as cars have different allowances for space.

Have you vacationed at an extensively accessible place that afforded you a near-idyllic experience?

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