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Clint Lindemann, a C4-C5 quadriplegic, is an avid outdoorsman who says that hunting has impacted his life in more ways than one. At the age of 15, Clint was injured in a hunting accident which resulted in his paralysis. Clint was not going to let one accident deter his love for the sport. So, with a support system of fellow hunters and adaptations to his wheelchair Clint continues to hunt.

“The biggest thing that helped me regain some normalcy in my life was getting back into hunting, fishing, and the outdoors.”

Clint and his bow and arrow

In college, Clint was contacted by an outdoorsman group called Twist of Fate. The group was going to take people with disabilities on a three day archery hunt. Clint says he was lucky enough to be one of the first persons contacted to go on the adventure. Clint admits that he was nervous to go on the hunt because this trip would be the first time he went hunting since being injured.

“But this group gave me a crossbow and within a couple weeks I had it mounted to my wheelchair and was flinging arrows just like the old days.”

Clint gives credit to Twist of Fate for not only getting him outdoors and hunting again, but to also giving him confidence. Clint says, “that confidence has gotten me to where I am today. Along with the confidence, getting back into the outdoors made a huge difference in my life.”

Ever since that archery hunt, Clint has been very active during hunting season. His favorite hunts of the year are when he is chasing white tail deer. He averages 20 sits for deer every fall, with his crossbow adapted to be attached to his wheelchair. Deer is not the only game that Clint hunts, as he can also be caught hunting wild turkey in the spring.

“I have two different crossbows that I can attach to my wheelchair with different mounts that I have had made specifically for myself and my chair.”

Clint is diverse when it comes to his hunting methods. He shoots rifles and fishes. He has a rifle mount that was professionally made for his wheelchair. He also has a mount made for his electric fishing pole. He says that while these devices work well, they are constantly being ‘tinkered’ with to make the devices better.

Clint with his rifle attached to his wheelchair
Clint fishing with his pole mounted to his wheelchair

Clint’s hunting opportunities have not only given him confidence, but have provided him with opportunities to travel all over the United States.

“My hunting opportunities have taken me to northern Minnesota chasing black bear with my crossbow, western North Dakota chasing pronghorn with crossbow, Wyoming chasing pronghorn with rifle, and my home territory of southeastern North Dakota chasing whitetail and turkey.”

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