Adaptive Burpees

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Curated by
Kristen Sachs
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Curated by
Kristen Sachs

Joseph, a paraplegic, likes to keep himself fit. He recently discovered his own way of doing burpees or squat thrusts.

“Burpees are a great, pretty much full-body workout. And I wanted to figure out something I could do similar to that. Obviously I can’t stand or jump, and those are two crucial parts of a squat thrust. So I came up with something similar.”

Traditional burpees are done by squatting with your hands on the ground, then thrusting your feet backward so your body is in a plank position, followed by returning your feet to the squat position. Instead of squatting and thrusting, Joseph incorporates a hand stand into his burpee routine.

“You’re going to start in a push up position,” says Joseph. “When you come back up, push yourself up into a handstand. Then when you come back down, you do another push up.”

Joseph repeats this sequence several times. This combination of movements works the muscles in his arms, upper body, and core. Clearly this exercise takes considerable strength and balance to accomplish. But with practice, it can certainly be achieved!

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