Accessible Organic Gardening

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Curated by
Brittany Déjean

Accessible organic gardening is not only healthy, but it’s a great activity that can be adapted to different abilities. Wendy Crawford, founder of mobileWOMEN, demonstrates how she uses a customized raised bed that allows her wheelchair to fit under.”Since my C5-6 spinal cord injury, I’ve always wanted to garden, but didn’t think it was possible, until I was introduced to a raised accessible bed,” says Wendy.

Now she is a fan of accessible organic gardening. Organic means you’re not using pesticides or GMOs, making for healthier eating. Organic produce is usually more expensive in stores, so if you can grow your own it’s a win-win. Wendy loves having an outdoor activity that gets her out in the sun and in nature.

Her demonstration of adapted organic gardening:

Don’t miss extra details on how to adapt tools and plant seeds for anyone with finger mobility issues. Now go outside and get gardening!

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