Accessible Gardening Tools For Limited Hand Mobility

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Brittany Déjean
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Curated by
Brittany Déjean

Using gardening tools without your fingers can be tough, but Wendy Crawford, a quadriplegic, has found great accessible gardening tools that are best adapted to her mobility. She has gloves that she uses to hold any small tools. “You can also use gloves with a sticky surface if you have some grasp,” she offers. Keep in mind you can also extend or widen handles with anything from tape to pipe insulation. A universal cuff might also be helpful to steady tools.

“You can always use tools made for kids, they’ll be lighter and smaller,” she shares. She has some great tips for storing tools on the raised bed.

Tips for gardening with limited hand mobility:

Once you’ve got the tools, don’t miss her tips on organic gardening and planting seeds without finger mobility.

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