13-Year-Old Wheelchair Athlete Competes in Track and Field

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Thirteen-year-old Jason Robinson has a love for sports, participating in activities such as basketball and track and field. Jason was born with spina bifida and is a wheelchair user. He will be the first wheelchair athlete competing in the New York school athletics event alongside his able-bodied teammates for the Westmoreland Middle School Track and Field Team. 

“It’s fun to be on a team with all of my friends."

Jason’s involvement in his own school team has motivated and pushed his fellow teammates harder. The track and field team’s coach and assistant coach, Ben Fehlner and Jessica Mack, both discuss how training with Jason has “raised the overall fitness of the team.” Jason often speeds ahead of his teammates during practice, and they in turn work hard to “keep up with him.”

boy in a wheelchair competes in track and field

And this summer, Jason’s training efforts will pay off as he will be competing in discus and shot put events against other local track teams.

Jason hopes that his determination in sports can motivate others to push themselves to the best of their abilities, and he believes that the support from the community and local charities can help people do just that.

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